EV charging systems for passenger ships from Finland

Marine Charging Point Ltd is based in Mariehamn, Åland Islands, Finland, and provides EV charging systems for passenger ships worldwide. 

Pioneer in EV charging 

There is a growing demand in EV charging systems for passenger ships, to which Marine Charging Point Ltd is responding. We design, build and install charging systems either by ourselves or together with our partners.  


We always tailor the systems according to the size of the ship, the requirements and usage onboard. Our client base consists of RoPax ferries and the companies operating them, that is to say shipping companies and shipyards all over the world. We are pioneers in our field, having provided M/S Visborg, a newly-built Swedish passenger ship, with an EV charging point for 10 electric vehicles. The commission also included charging cables and transformer stations tailored and specially built for this purpose. 


The smart charging system we provided for M/S Visborg, enabled the integration of payment and identification systems and it was among the very first EV charging systems installed in a RoPax ferry in the world – and, as far as we know, it was the very first of its kind.

Invest in a charging system

Marine Charging Point Ltd's charging systems can be used for charging both plug-in hybrids (PHEV) and "full EVs"; Batter Electric Vehicles (BEV). We currently focus on semi-fast alternate current (AC) from 3,7-22kW and high-power direct current (DC) charging systems, from 40kW up to 160kW DC and beyond. Our charging stations have guaranteed high quality and they also come with offline functions, such as DLM (dynamic load management) which is used to ensure even distribution of charging power and electricity. In open seas, the signal can be weak, but all information regarding the charging will be updated by the time the ship arrives in port and the internet-connection is back on. The system uses cables with the required minimum IP ratings.


Marine Charging Point only works with the best partners in the field, and the high-quality transformers in our charging systems come from a leading provider. 

If required, the systems can work separately as individual TN systems, where a separate transformer is used for each charging point. We provide you with a complete EV charging system with the possibility to integrate payment and identification functions into your company’s own booking system. 


Marine Charging Point Ltd. also offers for its customers a service and subscription contract which can extend the manufacturers’ warranty and our yearly check-ups help ensure the system is safe and working optimally.

Safety is a priority

Operating EV charging points correctly is not only important in terms of their lifespan but primarily for purposes of safety. When you order EV charging systems from us, we also carry out an initial inspection of the systems and provide guidance for your company employees and the seafaring crew on how to operate the system. 


To help ensure that the charging points are used correctly and safely, they come fully equipped with the required signage and instructions. Marine Charging Point Ltd also aims to develop a safety system as part of the charging system which would alert the crew when any issues are detected in any of the BEVs and PHEVs parked on the car deck. This would greatly improve fire safety and prevent the most dangerous fires.