EV charging points from Finland

Marine Charging Point Ltd provides EV charging points for passenger ships. We are based in Mariehamn, Åland Islands, Turku, Finland.

Innovative charging and safety systems for marine EV charging

Since its creation in 2017, Marine Charging Point Ltd has served shipyards and companies operating RoPax ferries. We provided, for example, 10 EV charging points for passenger ship M/S Viborg. Please see more on the page about our work, events and our latest projects!

News Update (15.05.2023)

Klaus Kopelman

Klaus Kopelman joins Marine Charging Point Ltd as its new Chief Commercial Officer, CCO


Klaus Kopelman, an Estonian national holding an MBA (cum laude) from the Estonian Business School and MSc in Electrical Power Engineering from Tallinn University of Technology, has joined the MCP team as CCO, Chief Commercial Officer.


Klaus has a strong track record from both the industrial power as well as from the marine industry, where his latest position was as CEO of Estonian shore power company Shore Link. Klaus features a proven track record with more than 10 years of sales experience for complex, international projects.


With his entrepreneurial spirit, strong track record within sales, management and business development, Klaus will head the sales and general business development at Marine Charging Point and is a very strong addition to the MCP team. We are very happy to have him onboard.


Contact details:

Klaus Kopelman, CCO

+372 5811 8842



News Update (27.3.2023)


Marine Charging Point will attend the Nordic EV Summit in Oslo, May 4-5, 2023


Marine Charging Point Ltd will be joining the Nordic EV Summit in Oslo this spring together with Huawei and other industry leaders. We are located at booth B04-15 and will be participating in presentations and roundtable discussions. Please feel free to book a meeting with us in advance or come and drop by our stand to discuss EV Charging for marine environments or just in general – hope to see you there!


More information about the agenda and registration:



Our company contact information below:

Marine Charging Point Ltd

Contact information: 0102 126 660

E-mail: info@marinechargingpoint.com

Webiste: www.marinechargingpoint.com

News Update (13.3.2023)


Marine Charging Point Ltd will exhibit at the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo in Amsterdam, June 20, 21, 22, 2023


Marine Charging Point Ltd will be joining the Electric & Hybrid Marine Expo Europe in Amsterdam this incoming summer. We are located at booth 4095 and will be present during the whole expo. Please feel free to book a meeting with us in advance or come and drop by our stand to discuss EV Charging and Monitoring Systems for your RoPax or PCC/PCTC vessels.


Our company contact information below:

Marine Charging Point Ltd

Contact information: +358 10 212 6660

E-mail: info@marinechargingpoint.com

Website: www.marinechargingpoint.com



News Update (9.2.2023)

Marine Charging Point Ltd will be attending the 2023 Shippax Ferry Conference


Marine Charging Point staff will be attending the Shippax Ferry Conference, the leading RoPax event of the year, onboard Grimaldi Lines’ Cruise Barcelona on 24-26 April, 2023.


We are looking forward to network and discuss with the RoPax ferry and shipbuilding community regarding our EV charging and control systems.


News Update (02.02.2023)

Marine Charging Point Ltd recruits Trine Heinemann as Strategic Project Manager


Trine Heinemann, a Danish national, holds a PhD in Linguistics and is a Bachelor student of Technology Management and Marine Engineering. Trine has a strong track record from the zero-emission marine industry as the leading project coordinator of the EU Horizon-funded project E-Ferry (Ellen).


Launched in August 2019, Ellen was the largest and most powerful fully electric ferry in the world at the time – and has received a lot of attention and praise around the globe, also exceeding the expectations set from the EU.


Trine is coordinating our strategic projects at Marine Charging Point, including government-funded applications and projects and we are very happy to have her on the MCP team.

News Update (10.1.2023)


Marine Charging Point Ltd appoints Marbiss, a marine technology group based in Busan, as its sales agent and distributor for South-Korea


Marbiss Co., Ltd, was established in 1997 as GME, Global Maritime Engineering, an agency within the South-Korean marine market, with its own electrical control system manufacturing. Since then, Marbiss has evolved into an agency business representing mostly European equipment manufacturers in South-Korea.


With experience of both in-house electrical equipment manufacturing, sales and equipment representation as well as providing local service and installation capabilities through GME, Marbiss is the right partner for MCP to ramp up its activities in the South-Korean market.


More information about Marbiss here: www.marbiss.com

Contact information: Jae Moon, Park, Managing Director

Phone: +82-51-717-0125

E-mail: jmpark@marbiss.com

News Update (23.12.2022)

Karin Ljungren joins Marine Charging Point as Senior Advisor

Karin Ljungren joins Marine Charging Point as Senior Advisor


Marine Charging Point has now also boarded Karin Ljungren as Senior Advisor to support the growing team. Karin is a business advisor with strong entrepreneurship and marketing skills, and her focus will be on business development and go-to-market. She has 10+ years of experience from supporting management teams in their strategic and business development work and with many years in Telecom, Karin is used to working with the business side of complex technologies, and how to make both the technology provider and their customers’ businesses successful. Karin’s additional experience from being an entrepreneur for 15 years brings the small company perspective and growing a business successfully with eyes on all sides of the company.    


“Recent years’ shifting focus to making the planet a better place will not happen through regulations, it begins with different businesses enabling a full-worthy alternative to traditional ways. The shift away from fossil fuelled cars and trucks towards Electrical Vehicles is one of those businesses, and a prerequisite for such a shift is of course to also provide access to a convenient, efficient and safe way of charging their vehicle.” “Offering charging on ferries is a sought after consumer service which will make a difference in the transport experience for many car and truck owners. Marine Charging Point is in the lead of this journey, and I am excited to join their skillful team!”

News Update (12.12.2022)

Jan Schauman and Carl Schauman join MCP as Senior Advisors

Jan Schauman and Carl Schauman join MCP as Senior Advisors


Marine Charging Point has been joined by Jan Schauman and Carl Schauman as Senior Advisors to support the growing team at Marine Charging Point with both sales, business development and technical expertise. Together they have vital knowledge of both the European and Asian markets, both of which are prioritized market areas for MCP.  Both Jan and Carl are co-founders and long-term employees of NAPA, a Helsinki-based marine technology company providing ship design software, data analytics, loading and stability systems, energy optimization and more.


With a combined >60 years of experience from the marine technology business and having helped grow a company from a small team into a recognized and established player employing 190 people today, that in 2014 was acquired by ClassNK from Japan and which products and services are frequently used by both shipyards and ship operators around the globe, their added value to the MCP team will be significant.

News Update (30.11.2022)

CB Insights logo

Marine Charging Point Ltd included in CB Insights Auto & Mobility Tech list


Marine Charging Point on the CB Insights analysts watch list for Energy Tech 50 list. The 2022 list of leaders will feature companies driving innovation in clean energy tech, smart grids, and the electrification of everything




Investor relations:


Oscar Sandberg, CEO

+358 (0)50 514 3463


News Update (01.11.2022)

Nils Bengtsson new CTO for Marine Charging Point Ltd

Nils Bengtsson new CTO for Marine Charging Point Ltd


Marine Charging Point has recruited Nils Bengtsson as CTO to lead the development of our cutting-edge onboard EV charging systems. Nils has long experience in digital product development from both successful startups and big tech. Together with his experience in the power industry, we hope he will accelerate our technical growth. 

The EV market is growing at a tremendous speed and EV charging is becoming a necessity in all parts of the road network. The maritime sector demands unique solutions for on-board charging systems, both regarding safety and quality. Marine Charging Point is at the forefront of this development, and I am excited to join the team in this expanding face. With my background in software development in big tech and the power industry where I worked with alternative fuel and steam turbines, I believe I can ‘fuel’ the in-house tech team. 


Contact details:

Nils Bengtsson, CTO

+46 (0)70 2799 719


News Update (21.10.2022)

EMSA logo

Workshop at EMSA Headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal 18-20.10.2022


The workshop on Alternative Fuels and Power Solutions for Shipping and Ports at EMSA, The European Maritime Safety Organization, in Lisbon has been concluded.


The workshop topic was very broad but still stayed focused as a whole, providing insight into what technical and regulatory developments are under way or under consideration and what kind of challenges these pose to become implemented. Key industry representatives and stakeholders provided their view and approach to deal with GHG reduction targets and maritime legislative frameworks.


Also, the topic on carriage of AFVs in RoRo Cargo Spaces was discussed and the “AFVs Guidance” was presented as well, followed by discussion on how it has been received by the market.


We thank EMSA for organizing the event, which was also great as a networking platform with both fellow European Government as well as Industry representatives.

European Maritime Safety Agency

News Update (3.10.2022)

EMSA logo

Workshop at EMSA Headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal 18-20.10.2022
EMSA, The European Maritime Safety Organization, has called experts to a 2,5 day workshop at their headquarters in Lisbon in Mid-October 2022. The workshop focuses on Alternative Fuels and Power Solutions for Shipping and Ports.


Marine Charging Point will attend the workshop modules No.1, focusing on alternative and future fuels, and No.2, focusing on energy storage systems onboard ships, including the transportation of AFVs, alternatively fuelled vehicles, onboard ships.


MCP is developing projects with EV charging and monitoring systems for ferries on four continents and in 13 countries to date - and also focusing on providing high-level expertise not only for our customers and stakeholders, but for classification societies and legislative bodies as well, and thus serving both the electric vehicle community and shipping sector as a whole.

News Update (7.10.2022)

Europen innovation council logo

Marine Charging Point Ltd admitted to second stage of the EIC Accelerator


EIC, The European Innovation Council, has reviewed an application from Marine Charging Point and passed it to the second stage of the high-level funding program with an overall “GO”.


Marine Charging Point has attracted the interest of some of the largest shipyards, ship operators, technology corporations as well as energy companies on the globe and is looking to grow significantly in 2023 and beyond. We are strengthening our team with key recruitments from both the EV, Energy and Marine sectors, to build a versatile and vastly competitive organization that understands the demands of both the shipping and EV transportation sector, and therefore can offer added value to both segments.


The largest charging system installations in scope are already well beyond 1MW of charging power per vessel, with both AC and DC charging combined or alone, coupled with an active monitoring system.


Marine Charging Point is developing projects with EV charging and monitoring systems for ferries on four continents and in 13 countries to date - also focusing on providing high-level expertise not only for our customers and stakeholders, but for classification societies and legislative bodies as well, and thus serving both the electric vehicle community, shipping sector and society as a whole.


More details from:

Oscar Sandberg, CEO

+358 (0)50 143 463


News and events

Marine Charging Point has been invited to participate in EMSA's (European Maritime Safety Agency) informal work group focusing on dealing with APV's (alternatively powered vehicles, such as EV's) onboard in ro-ro spaces of cargo and passenger ships.


The work group is working on high-level guidelines to the EU for safe carriage of APV's onboard.


Charging is one of the key topics being discussed by the work group. We at Marine Charging Point are working tirelessly to contribute to safe carriage of EV’s onboard by also enabling safe charging activities. We are keeping a tight dialogue with our customers - primarily the ship operators, the marine safety and operations regulating authorities, classifications societies, ongoing research projects and other stakeholders, providing them with practical input and key technical insights of the possibilities of charging systems onboard, as we consider ourselves a market-leading expert on this topic.


Read more of the work that EMSA performs via the link below:



News Update (23.5.2022)

EMSA releases Guidance Document on carriage of AFV’s onboard ferries.


EMSA, The European Maritime Safety Organization, that assists the EU Commission with Maritime legislative affairs and development, releases a Guidance Document on the Carriage of AFV’s in RO-RO Spaces. This has been a long awaited point of reference for shipowners and shipbuilders alike, as the vehicles coming aboard vessels nowadays drastically shift more towards battery powered vehicles and to some extent other alternative fuels – yet no proper guidance has been offered on this topic until now.


Marine Charging Point, expert on charging systems for marine applications, has contributed with expertise on the EV charging scope, that is also covered by the Guidance. The work has been performed through an informal work group, led by EMSA to collectively produce the Guidance document by various stakeholders in the European maritime community.


Marine Charging Point is proud to actively contribute to safer conditions onboard by offering its expertise for legislative and guidance matters, whilst developing safe and highly sophisticated charging and monitoring solutions for EVs on the car decks of ferries around the world.


The Guidance Document can be found on EMSA:s website:



News (27.4.2022)

Ramping up the EV Charging Infrastructure onboard ferries in Europe:


EVZiiin, a Greek EV Charging Company, teams up with Marine Charging Point for the distribution of Marine Charging Point's EV Charging System onboard ferries. Read more about the cooperation in below press release:




Who is the company that takes electric car chargers to the sea?


A new line of highly innovative products for the charging industry for electric cars, not only on land and on the road, but also at sea, comes from EVziiin©.


The specific solutions will solve an important issue concerning the charging of electric vehicles for many drivers who make either frequent stays, or business commitments, or their holidays, on different islands throughout Greece and who will now have the opportunity to arrive. destination with the car's full battery.


On the other side, shipowners will be able to provide these services easily, reliably and safely - an issue of paramount importance to the industry, for obvious reasons - through an integrated support system.


The operation of this system


High-quality load and safety monitoring systems are used for roPax passenger cars as well as PCC (Pure Car Carrier) and PCTC (Pure Car and Truck Carrier). The complete charging and monitoring systems consist of special materials, with the highest safety standard, for installation on car decks and control rooms, in combination with a specially designed software integrated in the ship's fuel management system, with extensions that extend to both warning and alarm systems.


The central control system, called the CYAN charging system, uses adaptive energy management and optimization, which allows the electrical systems to be charged according to the boat's actual energy distribution capacity at any time. Most important of all, the relevant systems get the most out of it the ship's capacity at any time. The most important thing is, that the relevant systems make the best use of fire or explosion-related accident prevention by extracting all available information from charging stations and connected vehicles - giving a warning of any malfunctions or danger to the crew as soon as possible.

EV charging points for ships

The benefits of solutions


1. Utilization of accumulated know-how by leading countries in the field of e-mobility: From the Netherlands, Scandinavian countries and experience from maritime transport in the Baltic Sea.


2. Enhanced safety: Electric propulsion systems, like all other systems on board, must meet specific specifications and be able to comply with future common European safety directives. EVziiin© solutions provide just that.


3. Full interconnection: EVziiin© solutions interact with the ship's system and can offer - in addition to the boat's system - remote control of the boat's infrastructure.


4. Integrated ecosystem: EVziiin© circuits provide remote support, operation, troubleshooting, pricing and sales from ship-owned charging infrastructure.


5. Personal services: EVziiin© IoT ecosystem supports different types of campaigns (eg advertising vouchers) for the consumer/driver for the benefit of shipping companies and their customers.


The collaboration


EVziiin© brings the specific state-of-the-art solutions to Greece in collaboration with the company: Marine Charging Point Ltd, a leading company from Finland, which will transfer - through its products - the important experience of the Scandinavian Hersonissos in the field of electricity, now also in the sea...


Great business opportunities


E-mobility creates new business opportunities - now also in the shipping industry - and opportunities for ship-owning companies to generate new revenue streams. In particular, by using the platform developed by EVziiin©, they take full advantage of the possibilities of the Internet of Things and the digital technology in the field of charging electric cars.


For more information on EVziiin© business solutions, its mobile app design specifically for smartphones and benefits for electric car owners, visit: www.evziiin.com.