EV charging points from Finland

Marine Charging Point Ltd provides EV charging points for passenger ships. We are based in Mariehamn, Åland Islands, Finland. 

Innovative charging and safety systems for marine EV charging

Since its creation in 2017, Marine Charging Point Ltd has served shipyards and companies operating RoPax ferries. We provided, for example,

10 EV charging points for passenger ship M/S Viborg. Please see more on the page about our work, events and our latest projects!

News and events

Marine Charging Point has been invited to participate in EMSA's (European Maritime Safety Agency) informal work group focusing on dealing with APV's (alternatively powered vehicles, such as EV's) onboard in ro-ro spaces of cargo and passenger ships.


The work group is working on high-level guidelines to the EU for safe carriage of APV's onboard.


Charging is one of the key topics being discussed by the work group. We at Marine Charging Point are working tirelessly to contribute to safe carriage of EV’s onboard by also enabling safe charging activities. We are keeping a tight dialogue with our customers - primarily the ship operators, the marine safety and operations regulating authorities, classifications societies, ongoing research projects and other stakeholders, providing them with practical input and key technical insights of the possibilities of charging systems onboard, as we consider ourselves a market-leading expert on this topic.


Read more of the work that EMSA performs via the link below: