Marine Charging Point Ltd – safe charging for electric vehicles

Marine Charging Point Ltd provides EV charging systems for ferries and ships and aims to develop their safety systems.


We always tailor our services to the customer's requirements and work together with you as a team of professionals.

Charging points are our specialty

Charging point safety is important, and on passenger ships, the need to ensure EV charging safety is even more pronounced. Marine Charging Point Ltd provides charging points for RoPax ferries and shipyards – we are building our expertise in charging safety and are currently developing a safety monitoring system.

Safety system enhances fire safety

The safety system we are currently aiming to develop at Marine Charging Point Ltd, aims at using sensing technology to, for example, detect rising battery temperatures as early as possible before they build up dangerously, which helps reduce the risk of battery fires.


The system monitors the car deck. It can be integrated, so that means that if an alarm is raised, it will go off on the crew’s own internal alarm and communication system. An alarm is raised if any anomalies are detected by the system in the BEVs and PHEVs parked on the car deck, one of the benefits of which is enhanced fire safety on the car deck.

Guidance for safe use

At Marine Charging Point Ltd, we only ever use products and brands and work with suppliers complying with all currently known security measures. We also provide our customers with adequate guidance and support so that you will know how to use the charging system safely and correctly.


We will give you a safety briefing, guidance for your staff and offer a repair and maintenance contract with annual check-ups. The EV charging points will also come with instructions on how to use them safely.

Flexible service

Marine Charging Point Ltd provides to its customers a flexible service with solid professional expertise. We are happy to design customised charging systems even for entire fleets.


We are also happy to answer questions about the charging and safety systems and develop solutions that completely match your requirements. We offer each customer individually tailored services.


You can reach us by phoning us or by sending us email. You can also fill out the contact request form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.